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Xinjiang Gongliu agricultural school initiatives to create a new situation in Ag

2017-06-27 10:14:04

Description Agricultural machinery as a modern means of production, is representative of the advanced productive forces

        Agricultural machinery as a modern means of production, is representative of the advanced productive forces in agriculture, is an important material foundation of modern agriculture, agricultural mechanization is not only an important symbol of the modernization of agriculture, but also is the basic, bearing and power of indispensable important position and role in the construction of modern agriculture.

Xinjiang Gongliu agricultural school initiatives to create a new situation in Agricultural Mechanization
  Xinjiang Gongliu County agricultural school was built in 1985, after 30 years of development, the current situation of the school is not very optimistic. Especially in May 2004, the new "road traffic safety law of the People's Republic of China" was promulgated, and the management authority of agricultural machinery departments was standardized, which brought many drawbacks to the single agricultural machinery school. Since the latter half of 2004, as the main part of school training, the students of tractors have dropped sharply, resulting in the instability of the income of schools and the decline of economic performance. Now, they are facing some tests.
I. The present situation of agricultural mechanization technology schools in Gongliu County
  Gongliu County agricultural machinery school has 5 teachers and staff members. Among them, the theoretical disciplines full-time teachers 3, technical coaches 2 people, 1 people are part-time, college degree or above 4 people, 1 Graduate students. The school occupies an area of 6000 square meters, of which the coach site of 1860 square meters, completed by the end of 2015 the board steel structure office position office storeroom of 20 square meters, 40 square meters, two rooms each of 120 square meters. The school has 3 coaches, 2 coaches and tow coaches. The training is mainly based on tractor driver training. As a county agricultural mechanization technology school, no matter in terms of hardware or software, it has lagged far behind other similar schools.
        Gongliu County Agricultural School of education and training in the County Agricultural Bureau under the leadership of 2014-2016, in the business sector under the guidance, focus on increasing farmers' income and agricultural efficiency, strict implementation of agricultural education and training plan, the full implementation of the training task, and achieved certain results.
2.Progress of work
  (1) to carry out the training of agricultural mechanization education around the tasks. One is to pay close attention to agricultural pilot training work. Multi channel, deep to carry out propaganda and mobilization, solid implementation of the tractor (harvester) driver training task, three years, agricultural school successfully held 18 tractor driver training courses, training 1280 students, examination pass rate reached 98%. Two is to pay close attention to agricultural machinery management personnel training. According to the cadre education and training plan for three years to organize training of agricultural management cadre 11 trainees 490 people, focus on organs, each station school, township agricultural station field management staff training. Three is to pay close attention to agricultural machinery technical personnel training. The use of slack time, organization of agricultural education and training in various forms, three years held large agricultural training period 6 320 people, rural 8 practical technical training 460 people, agricultural management, agricultural professional personnel training 20 1020 passengers. Four is to pay close attention to agricultural machinery operators training. Carry out 262 stages of agricultural machinery driver or operator training, such as tractors, combine harvesters and so on, and 16450 people. Five is to pay close attention to farmers and herdsmen scientific and technological training. Through the popularization of agricultural science education, science and technology households, on-site demonstrations and other forms of expansion of agricultural and pastoral knowledge popularization rate of agricultural science and technology, farmers and herdsmen to complete the training period of 296, 14210 people. Six is to pay close attention to the winter training of science and technology. In order to expand the agricultural households knowledge training as the key point, in coordination with the Bureau of science and technology, and in close communication, from agricultural school, extension station of the backbone to towns and village (community) to carry out all kinds of agricultural technical seminars, three years held a total of 220 training 15600 people.
        (2) around the site construction, and constantly strengthen the basic work of agricultural machinery training. Try every means to improve training conditions for agricultural mechanization. In 2015, the removal of the original teaching of dilapidated houses, financing more than 20 yuan of construction of agricultural school board steel structure office position, the new 2 classrooms, 1 teachers, hands-on workshop office 1, 800 square meters of new hardening operation site. 2016 through active docking, Zhangjiagang Yuanjiang working group for the Gongliu County agricultural school aid donated 60 thousand yuan worth of 100 sets of tables and chairs, 2 sets of teaching computer, 2 sets of multimedia projector equipment, greatly improving the agricultural school running conditions. Invested 80 thousand yuan of agricultural machinery electronic pile test instrument will be installed before the end of the year in the agricultural machinery school, to achieve standardization and standardization of textual research work. Active applicant society department tractor driving skill training qualification cognizance. Through increased investment, purchase of equipment and facilities to improve school conditions, apply for agricultural school as employment designated training institutions of agricultural surplus labor state, bear the primary (harvester) driving tractor, agricultural machinery repairman occupation (jobs) training, lays the foundation for the development of tractor driving skills training.
(3) focus on poverty alleviation, and vigorously carry out precise poverty alleviation, agricultural machinery driver training. Focus on poverty alleviation, in order to speed up the agricultural surplus labor employment, strengthen ties with the poverty alleviation department, relying on the county fiscal poverty alleviation project funds in 8 key support village held 4 precise poverty agricultural pilot training, training of farmers and herdsmen 200 participatory poverty, the training of one person, one employment, a rich households, lead a goal.
3.Main practice
  (1) emphasis on coordination of work. The leadership of the organization, supervision and inspection and coordinate the implementation of strengthening agricultural education and training, for the County Agricultural Bureau and the county Party committee and government support, promote the implementation of agricultural training programs of high depth to carry out agricultural training. We should strengthen communication and communication with the departments concerned in agriculture, human society, poverty alleviation and other areas, and actively strive for training programs, funds and broaden training channels.
(2) innovative training methods. Promote the teachers work center of gravity to sink, the Agricultural School of various training classes. The rural group, farmers and herdsmen home, alleviate agricultural school due to lack of facilities to bring pressure, reduce the economic burden of farmers, so that farmers and herdsmen no township (Village) to learn knowledge of agricultural science and technology. Actively participate in the county Party committee, government led "science and technology winter" and other training activities, agricultural training will be covered to the township (town) field, village team (community), improve the popularization of agricultural science and technology knowledge. Adhere to the study of theory and practice combined, make full use of multimedia teaching aids, slides and objects, models, charts and other teaching methods, and strengthen on-site operation skills training and guidance, improve the training effect.
(3) to train cadres at the grass-roots level. To fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the township agricultural management personnel, so that they participate in various agricultural training organization and the lectures, participate in advanced and practical agricultural technology, equipment and popularized, training a group of grass-roots agricultural technology training team, normalization, basic realization of popularscience.
(4) the work of consolidating agriculture science and technology press. Further implementation of "science and education and the strategy of developing agriculture through science and technology, to further enhance the awareness of agricultural science and technology, strengthen the contact with the science and Technology Department, agriculture department, to carry out a wide range of activities to promote and promote agriculture through science and technology, township (town) field of agricultural science and technology to promote agricultural production and rural economic rapid and healthy development. To strengthen the management of agricultural science and technology and the implementation of various types of agricultural science and technology plan, effectively play an important role in the agricultural industry, agricultural production, agriculture science and technology achievement prominent machine.
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