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Domestic agricultural machinery products in order to better "go out"

2017-06-27 10:06:39

DescriptionIn recent years, China s agricultural mechanization technology has made great progress, but compared with developed countries

        In recent years, China's agricultural mechanization technology has made great progress, but compared with developed countries, the technical level is still obviously insufficient. You must face the gap before you make progress.

Domestic agricultural machinery "go out"
  After the "ten years of gold", China's agricultural mechanization has reached an unprecedented high level, has leapt to the world's largest agricultural machinery manufacturing country. In recent years, China's agricultural quality is much stronger than the original level of agricultural products, some even better than the category of "foreign brands", but most of the domestic agricultural machinery rarely "dare" compared with the international brand products.
        China Academy of Sciences Institute of metal on April 6th announced that, for the domestic plow in the wear-resistant and impact resistance of the gap, Chinese researchers have developed a wear-resistant, high-strength, high toughness alloy steel. At present, the researchers used the material, have successfully produced a mouldboard plough, disc harrow, and the rotary blade and the corrugated disc machinery accessories, and in Chinese many farms to carry out assessment and demonstration application. The practical results show that the life of the latest development and production of "Chinese plough" series of products for the use of more than 2 times the previous domestic plough, the plough share local reinforcement can achieve self sharpening effect, service life is 5 times more than the domestic similar products, the overall quality has reached the international advanced level, while the price is not to half of the imported products.
        Without contrast, we will not know the gap; after knowing the gap, we can catch up, even surpass, with painstaking study. Not only in the plough, but also in other farm implements and farm machinery. The author thinks that, by contrast to the plow, should be at the domestic agricultural production enterprises, especially after China's agricultural machinery industry into the trough, it is time to make a comprehensive comparison with "foreign brands", especially in the parameters, the service life and the contrast when no fault.
Why are there so few comparisons?
  Product construction. Have to admit that, in the early part of the development of some domestic agricultural machinery, some production enterprises have direct replication of foreign brand products, foreign brands have been brought patent litigation. But most of the existing domestic brands have their own R & D team, while in the research and development, but also learned from other brands of lessons, technical research and development of its own patent protection. But, eventually, the goal is the same, if one of the paths being occupied is not let go, the enterprise can only themselves to explore other paths to the target, but also anti being route". As a result, the core aspects of product construction have rarely been publicly contrasted.
        Product performance. Have to admit, many products are afraid of comparison, especially afraid of the same type of advanced products, compared to fear nothing better, afraid of being mistaken for plagiarism, fear of affecting future sales and so on. But when many people buy things, goods than three is used, than is the performance of the product, before the purchase, how to embody the superior performance? Many product performance parameters from the table can be clear at a glance, but for a variety of considerations mentioned above, many manufacturers will not compare the parameters on their products with "foreign brands". In fact, the user before buying "order three", has related products "understand". Too often backfire, as the important parameter is directly presented to the user, allowing users to easily and conveniently make a choice, perhaps the user cares for manufacturers, distributors of honest and trustworthy and appreciate.
        Psychological function. Have to admit, most domestic high-end agricultural machinery and international advanced products compared to a certain gap. So a lot of domestic and international brands of agricultural machinery to positive contrast, thus forming a "psychological fear". However, these international brands have entered the domestic agricultural machinery market, and when users buy agricultural machinery in the market, they choose all kinds of agricultural machinery. Therefore, no matter how the quality of products, users are faced with any time and place to compare, to avoid the psychological is useless, and can do is to compare the gap, and gradually improve, improve product competitiveness.
Progress: hard strength of domestic agricultural machinery increases day by day
  Facing short board. The domestic plough and foreign brands compared, under the pressure of public opinion, China Institute of metal research will rapidly advanced scientific research domestic prepared plows, and in China many farms to carry out assessment and demonstration application, fully reflects the state and people's self-confidence, dare to face the challenge of foreign brands of farm implements and overcome important technical difficulties. In the face of the short board and difficulties, the spirit of "welcome difficulties" has inspired the domestic agricultural machinery image, and the follow-up market sales are worth looking forward to.
       Competitive need. With the gradual rise of domestic agricultural machinery in recent years, the existing market share has been unable to meet the development of the domestic brand, to seize foreign agricultural brand market share is sooner or later, the product parameters, performance, service life and trouble free time with the international brand of agricultural comparison, or perhaps to a renewed confidence in the domestic Chinese agricultural machinery. "I want to be patriotic, but domestic agricultural quality will not allow me to become a" patriotic ", domestic agricultural quality reliable, so I can be patriotic".
        Domestic agricultural machinery quality gradually improved. In recent years, the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy driven by China agricultural mechanization level is still rising, domestic agricultural machinery from the beginning of the simple copy imitation to know it, and know why ", agricultural development level, manufacturing ability, creative ability and product quality are constantly improving, and have at the beginning of the domestic agricultural machinery has been" reborn "the big change.
Concluding remarks
  I hope domestic agricultural machinery dare compare the products with imported agricultural machinery, compare with the new international products, and find that their short boards can make up for, catch up and surpass, and domestic agricultural machinery can be better "go out"".
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