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Product quality assured users, ZOOMLION agricultural machinery popular in Jiangx

2017-06-27 08:51:44

DescriptionIn recent years, ZOOMLION in industrial

      In recent years, ZOOMLION in industrial upgrading and market demand as the guidance, insist on innovation driven, to launch southern paddy field tractors, crawler tiller, rice harvester, drying machines and other series of agricultural products, Jiangxi, by users of all ages.

     In order to give users high efficiency, high comfort experience, ZOOMLION PL50 rice machine to cab, power systems, walking systems, threshing and cleaning system and other key components of the overall optimization and upgrading.

● Using the second generation of luxury air-conditioned cab, dustproof, heat insulation, noise reduction effect, driving more comfortable;
● Standard 100 horsepower country three engine, match 80A transmission box, 42 displacement HST, friction piece increase, drive powerful and powerful, through performance better;
● Besides, the gap between the crawler and the chassis is increased, and the mud and jam are effectively solved, and the cleaning and the cleaning are more convenient;
● The machine center of gravity distribution structure optimization, improve the whole machine pass, climbing ability stronger;
● By changing the platform, the rice, wheat, rape, corn and other crops can be harvested to achieve "one machine, more use"";
● Increase satellite positioning system and realize precise positioning of trans regional service.
● In view of the demand for paddy field farming in South China, ZOOMLION has created an innovative RH platform tractor, which has better waterproof performance and easier operation.

● Match 100 horsepower country three excellent engine, the performance is stable, the power is strong;
● The key parts are made of high quality and high grade composite oil seals, and the chassis seal performance is better;
● The gearbox is changed from the traditional splash lubrication to forced lubrication, and the forced gear pump is added, and the oil pump is inserted into the upper part of the gear to improve the cooling effect;
● optimize the forward, back, PTO gear shift structure, reduce the control force, improve the flexibility of handling;
● Adopt wet brake lever, a rotary parts of dustproof and waterproof design, from the structure to solve the problem of the traditional tractor deep mud operation is easy to leak, control card lag phenomenon;
● Using high quality hydraulic steering gear with small turning radius and flexible steering, it is more suitable for paddy field operation in South china.
        As last year's Jiangxi agricultural machinery professional skills competition contestants, more than 10 years old veteran Zhou Zhimin, not only driving skills superb, maintenance skills are very superb. After buying a RH904 tractor this year, Zhou Shifu has bought 4 grain harvesters and 2 farm tractors.
For ZOOMLION agricultural machinery operation effect, he told reporters: "PL50 harvester finer, timber is also good, in recent years the open valley King harvester can receive more than 1000 acres of land every year; this year RH904 bought a new tractor in power, steering, comfort and other aspects also have a lot of improvement. To sum up, the main performance is stable, use up worry."

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